Blocking a Quilt

This is the garden quilt I’ve been working on. It was ready for blocking, so I decided to make this short video explaining how I did it. Now I’m adding the borders and a bit more thread work then I’ll block it again… talk about that in a future video.

Normally I block a quilt, trim it to the edge of the quilt top, and add the binding, but as you will hear in the video this quilt will have borders added after the first blocking. Do you block your quilts?

borders going on

Here is the quilt up on the design wall, with the side borders sewn and the top and bottom borders pinned. Notice the seam where the sky and green meet, that may end up having leaves over it. I had to do some creative piecing of the borders and I’m not sure yet how I will address it but I think I’ll probably quilt vertically in and near the joined seams. I need to add bird legs and feet too, I may do that with hand embroidery. We will see.

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