AAQI April Quilt Auction!

I’m excited to share that my “Little Logs” quilt will be available to bid on in April along with several other fantastic little quilts!

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Spring gifts

I might attempt some thing like this on fabric but never on an egg. This Ukrainian egg was made by a talented friend and given to me as a gift over 13 years ago – I’m amazed and so happy I haven’t broken it!  I think it is beautiful. Happy Springtime!

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Coming soon…

As some of you know I make small quilts and donate them to Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI). I will soon be creating a “quick and easy mini quilt” tutorial for the next quilt I will be donating. I hope you will follow along and make your own little masterpiece and maybe even donate it to AAQI!

Here are a few photos of my fabric cards – They are the inspiration for my next mini quilt…

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HQ Sweet Sixteen

Rainy day fun quilting on my HQ Sweet Sixteen!

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Quilters and triangles

If you are a quilter you know we often see triangles. The other day I saw one flying through the air as it landed on the telephone pole over my backyard…carried by a crow.

Raven eating pizza out over my backyard

Unfortunately we didn’t get a photo but just as this crow landed on the pole with her pizza slice six parrots landed, only for a moment, on the wires just below her. Shortly after this photo was taken the pair watched as the pizza fell into the plants below. Not to worry, she had eaten the good stuff off the top before she dropped it!

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I find inspiration everywhere!

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