August AAQI Auction

Beginning August 1st and running through August 10, 2012, visitors to the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative have the opportunity to bid on and possibly own one or more of the wonderful small quilts created and donated by generous and talented quilt makers. I’m honored to say my little quilt “Swell” has been selected and will be in the August auction!

I hope everyone will stop by to check out all of the great quilts offered in this coming auction and learn the many ways you can help AAQI and the important research their dollars have helped fund.
And remember…Homes (and offices too) not only look better with quilts on the walls but they sound better too!

Quilting Away,

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A Seasonal Thing

Every year I attempt to grow something edible in my garden, usually with limited success. This year my efforts have been a little more fruitful.

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Neat but a little creepy

Often my art is inspired by nature but I discovered this dragonfly out in our waterfall (which was drying out for renovation) after I made my little dragonfly collage piece (previous post). It had recently emerged from it’s nymph shell. I think that hollow nymph is a little creepy. When there is water in the waterfall there are nymphs darting around in the water but this is the first time I have seen the two still together. The nymph had crawled out onto a knot of the barley bag rope. The circle of life is amazing!

Dragonfly on nymph casing
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Mixed collage

Started as the fabric to catch pole wrap (Shibori) drips then stamped, painted fusible web (gold acrylic), Gelli gel print plate, stenciled, painted, hand stitch work, and machine quilted.

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