Sun prints

I have been spending a little time volunteering at Awesome Camp, a summer day camp near my home. For the past two weeks the kids have learned about fiber art and how it relates to themselves and the world. Today they made sun print bandanas and they rocked it! The more I look at these pieces of fiber art the more I see! The kids are between five and twelve years old. Here are their results…
sun print bandana 1 sun print bandana 2 sun print bandana 3 sun print bandana 4 sun print bandana 5

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Hot days and garden time

Although I have been quilting up a storm (This is the back view of my most recent painted whole cloth), we have had warm days and I’ve spent extra time out in the gardens.

Back of fiber and Photography piece in progress.
Back of fiber and Photography piece in progress.
walk this way bk2

There has been a kitty hanging around ( we have name it “The Cat”) and she is trying to adopt us much to the dismay of our house cat, Kona.

The Cat
The Cat

I actually have Roma tomatoes growing and hope we get to taste them before the critters and bugs get to them.

I had to transplant a pretty little tree from a pot out back to the front garden at the wrong time (it was blooming like mad) and I can hardly believe it continues to bloom and didn’t die.

Duranta Erecta
Duranta Erecta

And then I rediscovered this little garden goose (may be a duck but “garden goose” is much more fun to say!). from my dear sister, next to violets that came from my late mother. They have been moved many times as I have redesigned and replanted the front landscaping. I’m very happy to see them again and look forward to seeing their sweet little flowers.

the goose

How are the summer sights and sounds in your part of the world?

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