Spring and Stuff

I’m once again behind on posting, no surprise there. I’m getting ready for a talk and fiber art/quilt showing for a local guild that I’m really looking forward to and I’ve been busy with the prep.

We have had beautiful spring weather days and it is important to take a break once in awhile so… A friend and I walked about 2.5 miles to pick up some fresh eggs and we got to see their chickens. I really like chickens; maybe because I’m a framer’s granddaughter or more likely because I have never had chickens! And I think there is just something about chickens and quilting that goes together. I have wanted to paint and quilt a chicken whole cloth for some time now… okay, another idea for the list. They are so cute and I love the sounds they make!

I have videos waiting to be edited (remember the hoop painted landscape? They’re stitched.). I’ll post the videos as soon as I can.

Linking to Nina-Marie’s Creations, where more wonderful art and links may be found!

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6 Responses to Spring and Stuff

  1. Joanna says:

    I suspect that chickens, like many other farm related creatures, are a pleasure only if you don’t have to care for them. I have a soft spot for the ones with the exotic feathers, but I think I’ll stick to photos of them. Wishing you a good time at your guild talk.

  2. Mary Stori says:

    I’m always anxious to learn from you!!!

  3. Nice video, can’t wait to see the stitching one. And I don’t love chickens, my neighbor has about 15 and they always escape and tear up my flowers and vegetable garden and scratch my lawn til it’s a sea of mud. Not to mention the chicken sh*t they leave all over…

    • Ann Scott says:

      Thank you, Laura. I’m sorry to hear about your chicken encounters but I can understand where you are coming from. I suppose they are kind of a novelty here; I’m more in the city not rural countryside.

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