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I spent a nice evening with a local quilt guild sharing ideas and fiber art.

Thanks to Lois H. guild Historian for taking photos

I like to encourage people who don’t think they are artist enough to create original fiber art to just layer and drop paint, marker and pen marks on white fabric, then use a search frame to find something wonderful! Next add stitches by hand or machine for great cards and mini abstract art pieces.

I was surprised by a guild member who shared the waterscape she made in my Miniature Landscape class way back in 2004! She was determined to use that water fabric which, to my surprise, work in this great little scape.

The most fun was when greeted by many members who had either taken one of my classes, or knew me way back when we took Adult Continuing Ed classes together or they had volunteered at the San Diego Quilt Show in the Quilt Sales booth, where I had been chairperson.

I was told members were inspired to try some things that they hadn’t thought of. That makes me so happy because… that’s what it’s all about!

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  1. Joanna says:

    So glad you’re part of the effort to demystify art quilting. I think giving people a few starting techniques, like a search frame, is a great way to help them over the hump. Not every quilt has to have a pattern.

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