Well, I’m editing videos, or at least I should be. The more I learn about this editing software, the bigger the learning curve seems to become!

So this is my little diversion. The spring flowers we have come across on our morning walks lately have been beautiful.
This is my first attempt to create this opium poppy in fabric. I like the edge on the center petal best, which was created by using fancy blade paper scissors (that didn’t like cutting fabric). The outside edge was just cut with regular scissors. I think I need to combine the two and cut a few individual petals out for better layering. In my button box I found clear buttons, I painted the back side and thought they worked pretty well for the center. I have some better ideas for making more, but this was a fun diversion.

When I make more I’ll share how I actually “painted” and made the flower… Hint: I used this –

flexible conduit connector

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  1. Joanna says:

    That’s right, it’s poppy season in CA. I love your version – maybe add the bug?

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