Road Trip!

My Mister and I will soon be heading out of town on a short road trip. I will undoubtedly take photos of the scenery on our drive and walks (we walk a lot!). In the past, road trip photos have inspired many mini land and waterscape quilts. Here are a couple made long before digital cameras (so the old photos were scanned). Now I primarily use my own painted fabrics but these are completely made of commercial fabrics, though I did add a little purple the right most foreground rock in the canyon piece, to darken it up a bit.

There are a couple reasons I like these two pieces. One is the sunlight peeking over the canyon mesa and in the waterscape, it may be hard to tell, but the water looks to be falling like a short waterfall. This was early on in my miniature landscape quilt career and I would probably make them differently now days… for one thing they were all hand appliqued and quilted!

I’m linking up to Nina-Marie over at Creations where many other artists share there wonderful talent and inspiring quilts and fiber art. I encourage you stop by and check them out.

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6 Responses to Road Trip!

  1. Susan Lenz says:

    Love looking at the older pieces after viewing your excellent videos, especially the labeled “before and after” images. So totally cool!

    • Ann Scott says:

      Thank you, Susan, I know how busy you are and really appreciate you taking the time to stop by my blog and comment. BTW – “Gym uniforms…” Do even get me started!

  2. Joanna says:

    Oh my hand appliqued AND quilted. I think they show you’ve had the knack of creating landscapes for a long time. Hope your road trip is fun. I know you’ll enjoy the company.

  3. Mary Stori says:

    You certainly have the magic touch with landscape designs!!

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