It Was A Trip…

It was a quick trip with a lot of driving and walking (lots of photos taken from a moving car!). We had a nice visit with loved ones, including our new fur baby niece.

As with most of our road trips the scenery was beautiful. Thankfully during this trip we weren’t driving through snow, though we did see plenty on the higher mountains, some even next to us just off the roadside.

Of course, I live in what has been deemed (by some) the best weather place in the world (which explains the cost of housing and the number of people living on the street, but I digress), and so as I have mentioned before; I don’t do “real” weather well at all.

We lucked out on the days we hiked we didn’t get rained on.
There was a lot of inspiration for my upcoming tree trunk painting video lesson…

art quilts and other mixed media are too…

The ten hour drive home – started at 41°, at about mid-way it was 82° and at home a lovely 71°…started in mukluks and ended in flip-flops!
I’m always glad to be home safe and sound, even if the air isn’t as fresh as it was there amidst the trees!

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4 Responses to It Was A Trip…

  1. Joanna says:

    What great scenery for a road trip. Ohio doesn’t present such lovely vistas. I’ll look forward to what you create from all that inspiration.

  2. Mary Stori says:

    Oh goodie….can’t wait to see your new work and video!

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