I made a little canvas for my niece; Thanksgiving and her birthday fall on the same day this year. The kitty design is one I used in a small art quilt some time back that was published in Quilting Arts magazine. The photo isn’t great, the kitty is actually in black marker (on my monitor it looks blue). Hand made flower stamp and the end of a chopstick used to make the dots.

Painted fabric, marker, stamped and wrapped around a 4″ canvas.

I want to do more little pieces like this and add some stitching, it was really easy and fun.

I hope you do whatever makes you happy in the coming holidays and I thank you for stopping by my blog.

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Joanna says:

    How thoughtful of you to make a special gift for your niece. It’s not easy to have a birthday on a national holiday. It’s just the right size to put on a desk or nightstand. I take it your niece likes cats?

    • Ann Scott says:

      Thank you. Yes, she’s a cat lady (all animals really)! She’s in her late twenties and we don’t usually do much for the older “kids” anymore but because hers falls on or near a day when many of us gather, we do tend to celebrate hers.

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