Leaves & Dragonflies

I have been working on videos, some will be on Curious.com and others on my YouTube channel. One thing leads to another and where I thought I was just making a How-to Paint Leaves on Fabric video, it turned in several projects. I actually have two leaf videos; one for making the autumn color leaves featured here and the other is a how-to paint the green leaves which will be painted on fabric that has fusible on the back.

Here is just one of the projects… It is a reverse canvas using the leaves I painted, wonderful fibrous paper, paint, a mixed media dragonfly, and a real vine branch. It’s no masterpiece but it was fun to work through and make.

Just thinking it through…

The blue background w/gold stamped dragonfly is fabric I painted for another project but I like how it worked for this one.

I used gel medium to apply the blue background fabric and then delicate fibrous paper.
I painted some of the fibrous paper green and yellow…
Still auditioning…
Some painted green leaves on background. I like this better… Layers for the win!

Needed something in the lower left corner. Trying some more branches & still moving the mixed media dragonfly around.
Attached the corner branches and the mixed media dragonfly, splattered a little paint and done!

I only wish I had been videoing this project. I guess there may be another reverse canvas in my future but first I’m going to make an art quilt using more of these leaves because I just love painting them!

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Working with fabric and fiber for over forty years. Design, instruction, and sales. Certified teacher online at Curious.com/fiberdesignsbyann.
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4 Responses to Leaves & Dragonflies

  1. Joanna says:

    What a nice Valentine’s Day treat. I never thought of using the reverse side of a ready made canvas, but why not? The result makes me long for spring. And you have lots of those lovely leaves for another project.

    • Ann Scott says:

      Thank you, Joanna. I really love painting these leaves and I have three more projects using them. I discovered people on YouTube making mixed media collage on the reverse canvases but they don’t seem to be using fabric as a background (they tend to use texture paste and paint).

  2. Mary Stori says:

    I couldn’t imagine where you were going with this project seeing only the first photo…wow….you pulled all these techniques and images into one lovely piece!

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