Painted Fabric Landscape Part Two

It’s finally here…

If you are an experienced machine quilter/embroiderer or thread play person, this may not be for you but I hope it is encouraging for people who have been wanting to give machine thread play a try. Thanks for watching!

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2 Responses to Painted Fabric Landscape Part Two

  1. Joanna says:

    It was fun to see how you got two pieces from the one – very economical and more useable. Two questions – what spray basting do you like/dislike? and does the round metal circle on your free motion foot make it hard to see what you doing?

    • Ann Scott says:

      Thanks, Joanna.
      I have been using 505 Spray and Fix and I like it best. I have used June Tailor Quilt Spray Baste but don’t like it, though I can’t remember why. At times the foot ring does bother me but usually I’m able to not really notice it. There is an open toe available for my machine but I’m not ready to invest. I have changed my filming set up since this video was filmed and the view is now on the opposite side of the bar, so hopefully that will, at least, help the viewer see better.

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