Call it Shibori?

Reading some comments posted in the past few days on Sew Daily blog has me thinking. Up until now I have called these pieces “shibori” (see photos below). Having read about Shibori (Arashi Shibori in particular) and watched it being created, I know what I do is simply make fabric that has been wrapped around a pole (or bottle), tied, compressed, and then painted. I know it’s not traditional Japanese Shibori but that is where the inspiration and techniques are derived from. I doubt there is a Shibori Master somewhere taking offense at me calling what I do shibori – I bet if they saw mine they would only laugh! I guess for now I will just call what I do “non-traditional shibori”…It’s obvious I haven’t study under a great Shibori Master but I have still learned a bit from them.
Quilting and Painting Away ~ A

Non traditional Shibori 1
Non traditional Shibori 2
Non traditional Shibori 3

By Ann Scott

I started sewing and designing using fabric, thread, and paper when I was a child. I taught myself to make quilts, at first not following the "rules," then watched some experts, learned the rules, and made many hand quilted and appliqued quilts. I spent years focusing on miniature landscape quilts. Now I am a fiber and mixed media artist and that encompasses everything I have a passion for. I have taught, lectured, and my work have show nationally and internationally, some pieces have been published.