Cats, critters, and inspiration

Enjoying a little cool around 5:30 this morning as I said “See you later” to my husband, I looked down on the front porch to see this male praying mantis. My house cats noticed it too which explained the difficulty in moving them away from the door as I tried to re-enter to get the camera.

Prior to hunt

Though I’m not usually afraid of insects – they are interesting and I know how important they are to our planet, looking at them has always turned my stomach. It’s weird and I have tried to get over it but I’ve yet to succeed.
After opening the photo on my computer all I noticed was the fantastic background; the floor tile and wall stucco. I would love to try to recreate that in a hand painted whole cloth!

He is wall walking

I will admit to feeling a little sorry for the creature, knowing what will possibly be his demise!

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