Doggy in the workplace

I spent last weekend with my sister and eight of our girl (I use the term loosely) cousins. One of them is a fantastic quilter and the mother of two adult sons and a Great Dane (her sixth). When she showed this photo to me I knew I had to post it. I always say every dog should have a quilt. I thought it was so funny when she told me “This is Izzy at work.” When I had a dog she was my constant companion, with me everyday in the studio. My cousin’s dog is with her at work everyday too. It’s so nice to be able to do that. Years later I still miss my studio dog. Now I’m down to one cat. I love her but she isn’t allowed in the studio aka danger zone. How about you and your furry kids?

Izzy dog
130 pounds of sweetness

Photo by C.B.