I try to give to charity when and wherever I am able to, but first I always do my research to find out how the charity’s funds are actually being spent. One of the many reasons I am happy to support the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) is their transparency and honesty in showing where every dollar they receive is spent. I’m sharing their post so that you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

“Escape” earned $$ for AAQI

Do you have favorite charities that you give to?

By Ann Scott

I started sewing and designing using fabric, thread, and paper when I was a child. I taught myself to make quilts, at first not following the "rules," then watched some experts, learned the rules, and made many hand quilted and appliqued quilts. I spent years focusing on miniature landscape quilts. Now I am a fiber and mixed media artist and that encompasses everything I have a passion for. I have taught, lectured, and my work have show nationally and internationally, some pieces have been published.