Painted Border and More

I finally have a camera set up at my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen quilting machine so hopefully more free motion videos will be coming to my YouTube channel.

Here are the two most recent. One quilting a simple carrot and another painting a border after free motion quilting it. Enjoy!

Read about this hat block here

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2 Responses to Painted Border and More

  1. Joanna says:

    Ann, I had to laugh when I saw how the tips of your gloves have picked up color. Mine are the same way. I believe Linda Kemshall has a book – The Painted Quilt – that shows effects like yours plus others. I found it inspiring and intimidating. I see from your video that I’ve been using too much paint.

    • Ann Scott says:

      Ha Ha, and those are my so-called clean gloves! Painted and dye fabrics really discolor them. I’m glad to hear you can relate. I really wish I could quilt bare handed (and without other grabbers) but so far no luck. As always, we’re always learning. Thanks for following, watching, and commenting.

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