For all the quilting grandmas out there…

Art by my daughter.
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Cleaning up the design table…

I think most of us have done it – we start to clear or clean in one place and while putting something away we get side tracked.

I was clearing off my design table yesterday having finally finished my mini flower art quilt tutorial project and there were lots of little scraps. Usually I would toss such small pieces but these had fusible on the back! So one thing led to another and here is my “Sing Spring” mini quilt top. I’m more of a SHOUT jewel tones kind of person but I do think it is pretty.  Today is a new day and I really am going to get that design table cleared off, right after I figure out where to put…

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Mini Flower Art Quilt Tutorial

I’m happy to announce my new YouTube video tutorial. It shows how easy and quick it is to make a little art quilt but mostly I hope it encourages others to make and donate a quilt or quilts to the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative for the Priority:Alzheimer’s Quilt project. If you aren’t into making little quilts remember there are many wonderful quilts for sale on the AAQI website too! My video:


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The AAQI April Auction raised over…

The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative Auctions run for just ten days each month and this month it raised over $2,400. Thanks to all the great volunteers who work tirelessly for this organization and cause – you are the best! And thanks to the quilt makers and buyers as well.

My family has been touched too many times by Alzheimer’s and I’m so glad to be able to make little quilts to help earn funds for this cause and the research it supports.

There are many wonderful quilts for sale everyday on the AAQI website.

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Something lost and something found

I was looking for a piece of my hand painted fabric the other day and came across these flower patchworks I created for a class I taught ages ago. I’ll have to figure out a way to finished them – maybe combine them or make each into a miniature art quilt. Never did find the fabric I started out looking for!

Hand appliqued free style flowers and backgrounds.
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Quilting has come a long way

I think back to when I began quilting over twenty years ago and how it was pretty much a needle, thread, thimble, a hoop of sandwiched fabrics and me. More recently there has been this fantastic cross over between artist genres; fiber, painting, photography, paper, etc. It seems there is no limit to what today’s quilters and fiber artists will try and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

Painted hands, beginnings of a whole cloth
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