The AAQI April Auction raised over…

The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative Auctions run for just ten days each month and this month it raised over $2,400. Thanks to all the great volunteers who work tirelessly for this organization and cause – you are the best! And thanks to the quilt makers and buyers as well.

My family has been touched too many times by Alzheimer’s and I’m so glad to be able to make little quilts to help earn funds for this cause and the research it supports.

There are many wonderful quilts for sale everyday on the AAQI website.

2 thoughts on “The AAQI April Auction raised over…

  1. Beth Hartford

    From all of us who volunteer for AAQI, thank you so much for sharing not only information about our organization but your time and talent as well! We all have our reasons for being involved with AAQI, but in almost every case, it boils down to having a loved one who has been or is afflicted with this horrible thief of a disease. The dollars we can raise for research are the key to finding a cure and your darling quilts will help us get there!

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