Spectacular quilts by generous people!

The AAQI November auction showcases twelve beautiful quilts by twelve world-renowned quilt artists. Last year $14,000 were raised from the November auction. Let’s see it bring in even more money this year!

The video that accompanied this post is not longer available. In the end AAQI raised $1,000,000!

Remember there are many more quilts for sale on the AAQI website for just about every budget. Thank you for helping to fight this devastating disease.

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Gallery and Golf

We have heard many nice comments about our show at The Frame Maker. There is still time to view the wonderful art quilts of Sue Atlas, as well my Photograph on Fiber pieces, in The Frame Maker’s gallery; the show closes October 31, 2012.

This is one of the Photograph on Fiber pieces that didn’t fit into that show. I haven’t had it professionally photographed yet so forgive the angled shot.

Hole 15

Here we go…

Photograph and photograph both by my son.
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Cats, critters, and inspiration

Enjoying a little cool around 5:30 this morning as I said “See you later” to my husband, I looked down on the front porch to see this male praying mantis. My house cats noticed it too which explained the difficulty in moving them away from the door as I tried to re-enter to get the camera.

Prior to hunt

Though I’m not usually afraid of insects – they are interesting and I know how important they are to our planet, looking at them has always turned my stomach. It’s weird and I have tried to get over it but I’ve yet to succeed.
After opening the photo on my computer all I noticed was the fantastic background; the floor tile and wall stucco. I would love to try to recreate that in a hand painted whole cloth!

He is wall walking

I will admit to feeling a little sorry for the creature, knowing what will possibly be his demise!

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New Photograph on Fiber

Here is a Photo on Fiber piece I made to thank my landscape contractor for our beautiful new back garden. It is titled “Tenacious” and if you have ever had to deal with unwanted ivy (and in our case Morning Glory and ivy) you know exactly how this piece got its name!

It is a painted whole cloth with burnt edge silk patches and machine thread play/quilting. I love how the burnt silk edge mimics the dark edge that ivy sometimes has.

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Art quilts – gifts both ways!

I recently mailed off my latest Priority: Alzheimer’s Art Quilt to AAQI. I hope you will help spread the word especially when thinking of gift giving. These tiny quilts make a lovely addition to a home and office. They are a gift when they are donated and a gift when purchased and given again.

Thanks to everyone for supporting AAQI and the research they help fund.

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