New hand painted fabric

I have been exploring more ways to hand paint fabric and here are the most recent pieces. These pieces are going to four friends who commented on my post “That’s one way to document a quilt”. Thanks, ladies! You know who you are!

Check out my YouTube channel to see how each piece was painted. Do you look for and watch videos demonstrating fabric painting?

Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower
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Fabric Hearts

Many years ago I made hand painted fabric pins. Seeing as it is February I thought I would share this batch of painted hearts. Some pictured are works in progress; the ones on the hoop are finished. Not a very clear photo… taken before digital!

Hand painted hearts
Hand painted hearts
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That’s one way to document a quilt…

Some things happen in life (and in the lives of those we care about) that cause us to stop, step back and take a walk down memory lane. I found this photograph the other day.
When I began quilting years ago my kids were toddlers. As you can see in the photograph they were very supportive back then too – allowing me time for quilt therapy. Apparently they thought it was “group” therapy!

quilter kids circa 1992

That quilt was the first queen size quilt I made. It was entirely hand quilted and I was proud of it… until seeing it on display at the San Diego Quilt Show (1992). The quilting was well enough but that star should have been titled “Snakes Trails”. Oh, how it curved! Now I look at it and know it needed more careful piecing and much more quilting. Of course, the fact that I had a child on my back and another at my elbow may have altered my skill level.

Anyway, it was good enough to go on our bed and that’s where it stayed until, in only a few short years, the sun and the cats transformed it (It’s now a “kitty apartment” cover, but that’s another story). One thing I learned from that quilt is that it’s always a good idea to use high quality materials. I learned this lesson the hard way, as you can see in the last two photos below.

fade quilting1
fade quilting2
fade perforated quilting
The quilting stitches, like a perforation, simply allowed the fabric to tear apart.
fade 1
Floral fabric was black. Guess which corner was on the sunnier side of the bed.

I didn’t think of it then but that original photograph is another way of documenting my quilting history. The quilt may not survive but there’s a good chance the memories will. Taken before we had a digital camera, it was a hard copy but now it’s scanned and saved. Documenting is usually a serious business. Have you ever used humorous photos when documenting your quilts or fiber art?

Remember the label
Always remember the label!
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AAQI February Auction

I’m very happy to say that another of my miniature landscape art quilts is in the Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilt auction this month. Bidding goes through the 10th and there are many wonderful art quilts to bid on for this important cause. Go here to see the quilts and bid on them.
night swell

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