New hand painted fabric

I have been exploring more ways to hand paint fabric and here are the most recent pieces. These pieces are going to four friends who commented on my post “That’s one way to document a quilt”. Thanks, ladies! You know who you are!

Check out my YouTube channel to see how each piece was painted. Do you look for and watch videos demonstrating fabric painting?

Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower

3 thoughts on “New hand painted fabric

  1. mary tabar

    Hi Ann, this is way too fun! I was lucky enough to receive your handpainted CLASH. Wow it is really great to get your piece. I know from experience that paint does not bleach, so I am really going to think about the piece. Thanks Ann I need a clash!

  2. Ann

    I’m so glad I have challenged you with Clash! I’m having a tech (that would be me) problem with the video but hope to have it posted soon.
    Quilting (and Painting) Away,

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