Incredible Edible

I happened upon an old photograph the other day, a reminder – Years ago my family and friends (an artsy and creative bunch!) would hold theme parties called Incredible Edibles. The idea was to bring something that was indeed visually incredible while at the same time edible. I don’t remember very many of the creations though I do recollect the “Leaning tower of pizza” which was a tower several personal size pizzas tall, that really did lean. Then there was something that resembled road kill made of mashed potatoes, ketchup, and meatloaf (I don’t recall eating that or maybe I just blocked it from my mind!). Around that time I was teaching my miniature landscape classes, so of course, my contribution was… a totally edible landscape, complete with trees and a lake. Fun and tasty too.

Edible landscape
Edible landscape

Have you made something out of the norm that was incredible and edible?

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