Then and Now monoprinting

I walk everyday. Lately I have become obsessed with looking for things to monoprint.  So here is a photo of a few fallen leaves gathered on one of my walks and the fabric that resulted. It will be the background for a Photograph on Fiber piece.

Bonus surface

I stepped out back to turn my non-traditional Shibori as it dries. The pipe is suspended between two patio chairs with a drip pan under it, the bottom of which is lined with a piece of fabric.I became very interested in the fabric in the pan as the drips began to merge. To some people… Continue reading Bonus surface

Kitty fix

We have two eight year old cats. They are still mischievous to say the least but we love them just the same. I enjoy looking at their kitten photos, it reminds me why in the world we adopted them! Enjoy…

Call it Shibori?

Reading some comments posted in the past few days on Sew Daily blog has me thinking. Up until now I have called these pieces “shibori” (see photos below). Having read about Shibori (Arashi Shibori in particular) and watched it being created, I know what I do is simply make fabric that has been wrapped around… Continue reading Call it Shibori?

Surface design and layers

I’m working on some fabric that I’ll probably use somewhere in our photo and fiber pieces – Some (or all) are works in progress. I love being able to create my own fabric. It seems the possibilities are endless and I’m looking forward to exploring other techniques. I have a pole shibori wrap drying out… Continue reading Surface design and layers


We are having another one of those “harsh” winter days…It’s blue sky and about 80 degrees and the poppies are blooming out back. So I thought I would post a photo of our porch water fountain.It is made using a small table pump, a plant stand, a ceramic bowl (from my cousin the ceramic artist),… Continue reading Winter

More quilting…

I wonder if anyone has every decided to add more quilting to an already finished quilt. I appreciate and look forward to your comments. Another mosaic –

Cutting up

Glass is another material I enjoy cutting up (well, not so much the cutting up part but the putting back together). Here is a one of my mosaic towel holders…