Sharing inspirations

I’m happy to say that my Mini Flower Art Quilt tutorial, which I made to encourage quilters to make little quilts for Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI), has done just that! Judy Baumann of Austin, TX was inspired by my tutorial (which she found on Ami Simms blog – Thank you, Ami!) and by a beautiful cactus. Judy has created two little quilts, one of which is pictured here. Visit the AAQI website to see the many quilts Judy has donated, and to learn how you can be part of this great organization.

Judy and I have both experienced the sadness that Alzheimer’s can bring to a family and we hope you will be inspired to follow our lead. It is a simple, fast, and fun way to do something to help out in a situation in which we would normally feel helpless.