Coming clean and happy endings

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I screwed up!

For a number of years I was the registrar for a local non-profit quilt show, so I know the importance of carefully following entry instructions so as not to make more work for the Registrar. I have also registered several Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilts with AAQI (they make it so simple) and I was confident I knew the rules. Apparently not!

A few posts ago I was very excited that my mini quilt “Moonglow” was ready, but when I registered the quilt I received a kind email informing me the size was too big (10.25” x 10.5”). Priority quilts must be no larger than 9” x 12”, duh!

Unfortunately, a generous friend who has supported AAQI (and me) by bidding on and winning a few of my Priority quilts let me know she intended to bid on “Moonglow”. I had to confess to her that I messed up and the piece wouldn’t be going to AAQI, but I’m happy to say we came up with a win-win plan: I give the quilt directly to her and she would make a donation to AAQI. That’s exactly what we did – happy ending number one.

Here is my tiny spinoff of “Moonglow”, which falls within the size requirement and will soon be registered. When it earns funds for AAQI that will be the best happy ending!

6 thoughts on “Coming clean and happy endings

  1. Diane

    Oh Ann, I’m so happy your first Moonglow found a happy home and we’re still getting another!!! It looks gorgeous!

  2. Beth Hartford

    Wow, Ann, that’s a stunner! So glad you were able to turn an “oopsie” into a win-win situation and that we’re the beneficiaries!! Thanks so much!

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