A Little Mixed Media

Below is a short video showing how I made the melted felt cups I used in my Unmasking the Soul piece. The video is the first in a series of simple steps to make this small mixed media decorative fabric envelope (gift tag, ornament, or ?).

Here are a couple more pieces where I have used these melted felt cups but flipped over.

Spore Fern
Detail. Notice the cups are used upside down with a French Knots instead of beads.
A mixed media sampler with a few upside down felt cups.

2 thoughts on “A Little Mixed Media

  1. Joanna

    OK, french knots are way better than beads. I like the cheesecloth leaves in your sampler. Are you talking about the cheap craft felt sold at Joann’s?

  2. Ann Scott Post author

    Yes, Joann Fabrics is where I purchased this felt. Bead add such nice sparkle but I don’t have to chase French knots around the room like I do beads… may be time to look into sparkly floss!

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