We are having another one of those “harsh” winter days…It’s blue sky and about 80 degrees and the poppies are blooming out back. So I thought I would post a photo of our porch water fountain.
It is made using a small table pump, a plant stand, a ceramic bowl (from my cousin the ceramic artist), a copper bowl (inherited after my mom died) , a ceramic planter pot, a copper pipe, some rocks, flagstone and an abalone shell (harvested from the ocean by my brothers probably forty years ago). Oh yes, and water. I put it all together and this is it…

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More quilting…

I wonder if anyone has every decided to add more quilting to an already finished quilt. I appreciate and look forward to your comments.

Another mosaic –

Just a random glass mosaic…Palm Tree by the Sea
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Cutting up

Glass is another material I enjoy cutting up (well, not so much the cutting up part but the putting back together). Here is a one of my mosaic towel holders…

Towel hook with purchased lizard, mosaic by Ann.
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Road to California 2012

I had a great time at R2C. The quilts were spectacular and inspiring. The vendors were fun too. I’ll write more about that in a future post. I purchased a few pieces of silk from Mary Jo Hiney

Flora – Hand painted and free motion stitched. Piece donated to Visions Art Museum.
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Road to California

I’m excited about going to Road to California quilt show this weekend. I know of several local quilters who have pieces in the show – Congratulations to each of them!

One of my main goals is to test drive the HQ Sweet Sixteen. I’ll let you know what I think.

The little landscape below is “Distant Clearing” and it is the first miniature landscape I ever made. I made it in a Continuing Ed class taught by the wonderful Peggy Martin (many moons ago!). It was a fabric postcard class but I decided to do my own thing. It was awarded third place in a contest for and was published in Miniature Quilt Magazine (no longer with us). It measures about 12″ x 9″ and is hand appliqued and quilted.

I’m off to sew sleeves and binding. Quilting Away, A

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Earl’s Art Car

This is one of the pieces from my newest series, a collaboration with my oldest son using his photographs mounted on my fiber pieces. My son took a photo of Earl Shepherd’s awesome hand-painted BMW at a local auto show. This piece (Bodywork) was made for Earl. To see more fantastic photos of Earl’s Art Car and his other artwork visit his website.

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