The back of my quilts…

Every since I began quilting on a machine I have felt liberated and I don’t worry so much about my stitch uniformity and length. It does depend where the piece may end up and whether or not it is for competition or sale; where the stitching does indeed matter. I heard a quilt maker say once that the back of her quilt was nobody’s business! Do we focus too much on perfection? I have heard too many quilters say they are afraid to try free motion machine quilting (I used to be too!). Often the reason is that they are afraid they won’t have nice even stitches. I say let go of that and jump right in!

Here are my small free form flowers. I like the backs almost as much as the fronts! They will be mounted to plexiglass and then to a reclaimed lumber base (furnished and finished by my sweet husband).
free style flower1free style flower1 back

free style flower2
free style flower2 back
free style flower3
free style flower3 back
free style flower4
free style flower4 back
free style flower5
free style flower5 back
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A tease…

A detail of a new piece that will be in the next Member Challenge; Felting, at Visions Art Museum – Opening reception September 14, 5-7pm.

Shore Felt Good
Shore Felt Good
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Coming to a close

It has been a pleasure to have artwork on exhibit at Visions Art Museum. The last day to see the Supporting Roles: Fiber and Photographs exhibition will be Sunday, August 25th, 2013. I’m pleased to say some of the pieces have sold. Thank you to the buyers. I’m happy to know my (and my son’s) artwork will be enjoyed by others for years to come. Thanks also, to everyone who had a chance to see the exhibit and to those who shared their positive impressions.
vam fiber and photographs part1

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Doggy in the workplace

I spent last weekend with my sister and eight of our girl (I use the term loosely) cousins. One of them is a fantastic quilter and the mother of two adult sons and a Great Dane (her sixth). When she showed this photo to me I knew I had to post it. I always say every dog should have a quilt. I thought it was so funny when she told me “This is Izzy at work.” When I had a dog she was my constant companion, with me everyday in the studio. My cousin’s dog is with her at work everyday too. It’s so nice to be able to do that. Years later I still miss my studio dog. Now I’m down to one cat. I love her but she isn’t allowed in the studio aka danger zone. How about you and your furry kids?

Izzy dog
130 pounds of sweetness

Photo by C.B.

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I’m finally sharing this little quilt. It was entered in a magazine contest but was not selected. Not too long ago I heard a successful wedding photographer say that “Photographs of the bride and groom wearing their wedding rings was passe, sooooo 1970s.” I understand what she is saying. I have seen rings staged in shells, flowers, even on top of cupcakes. Maybe it is because many couples have unattractive hands! Well, my husband and I were married in the 70s and the photograph of our rings on our hands is still one of my favorite photos. It was the inspiration for this quilt. It is a painted whole cloth and the lace in the corners was from a dress collar of one of my grandmothers.

to hold full view
To Hold
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