Conditioned Response

While vacationing my husband and I visited the beautiful Red Rock Canyons, a fellow tourist pointed out a roadrunner near some parked cars. It was neat to see a roadrunner but curious that it didn’t appear too concerned that people were nearby. As we watched him, my husband said “He is picking the bugs off of the bumpers of the parked cars.” Sure enough, it seems that roadrunner knew that if a car pulled up, tasty morsels were being delivered!


When I see something that (for me) is unusual, like the roadrunner, I often look to other artists to see what they have made using that subject as inspiration.

Judith Roderick is an artist whose work includes painting silk items, art quilting, and embellishing with vintage, shell, and stone buttons. Below is Judith’s award winning “Roadrunner” art quilt. Judith told me she sees a roadrunner in her yard fairly often. So it is no surprise that the roadrunner has appeared in a few of her quilts through the years. I love how she has used all sorts of buttons on this piece. More of Judith’s wonderful work and insights may be found her website – Judith Roderick

Roadrunner by Judith Roderick. Used with permission
Roadrunner by Judith Roderick. Used with permission

I’ll be sharing more from my Red Rock trip in the future. Have you ever made an art piece featuring a roadrunner? If you have I hope you’ll share.

“Roadrunner” a digital drawing by my daughter.

By Ann Scott

I started sewing and designing using fabric, thread, and paper when I was a child. I taught myself to make quilts, at first not following the "rules," then watched some experts, learned the rules, and made many hand quilted and appliqued quilts. I spent years focusing on miniature landscape quilts. Now I am a fiber and mixed media artist and that encompasses everything I have a passion for. I have taught, lectured, and my work have show nationally and internationally, some pieces have been published.