I remember…

I remember when I got rid of all of my embroidery paraphernalia; when I became a quilter! Before then, for years, I embroidered everything. Then a few years ago I discovered mark making with thread, more specifically, floss. So, off I went to buy all of  those embroidery tools and materials, again. But now I approach embroidery differently, not so much flowery, cutesy stuff but more as another layer and bit of interest to add to mixed media works of art. Having said that, this is what I did this week while resting with the flu. It is on a piece of my hand painted pole wrapped cotton (faux Shibori).

Even if the subject is no longer my cup of tea, it was fun to draw and stitching it was really good for my motor skills which have been feeling clumsy lately.

One thought on “I remember…

  1. Joanna

    There are reasons to be a pack rat with craft supplies. I admire your satin stitch, which is one of the no-go stitches for me. The thread twists and knots in my hands, and the whole piece takes on a lumpy effect. Glad you found something pleasant to do during your recovery period.

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