Painting Mottled Fabric Video

I’ve come up with a new technique and posted a video for a fun hand painted fabric using Terial Magic, the spray stabilizer I’ve written about in the past.

I like to have a variety of different painted fabrics to use (don’t we all!) as backgrounds for stamping, stenciling, embroidery, and/or machine stitching or just patchwork. I’m looking forward to painting more and using these mottled pieces!

If you are interested and get a chance to watch the video, I appreciate it! Thumbs up on the video and questions are always welcome.

I’m working on all kinds of things getting ready for the San Diego Quilt Show (I’m Lead for the Quilt Sales booth again), but I’ll be posting more videos as I can.

Thanks for stopping by!

By Ann Scott

I started sewing and designing using fabric, thread, and paper when I was a child. I taught myself to make quilts, at first not following the "rules," then watched some experts, learned the rules, and made many hand quilted and appliqued quilts. I spent years focusing on miniature landscape quilts. Now I am a fiber and mixed media artist and that encompasses everything I have a passion for. I have taught, lectured, and my work have show nationally and internationally, some pieces have been published.


  1. Thank you for providing multiple methods for enhancing fabric. So interesting to see each step of the process, and yet still be very surprised when the final result emerges.
    Best wishes for the SD Quilt Show.

  2. Ann, How come your ironing board cover is so much cleaner than mine? Seriously, I enjoy the different ways you come up with to create painted fabric. I’ve used the scrunch technique with Setacolor and lightly dampened cotton, but not with a product like Terial Magic.

  3. Thanks. Ha Ha! I recently changed that ironing board cover and it’s the small board I use for filming… obviously you can imagine what my other ironing board looks like! After painting it both ways I find it much easier to get stronger results making it stiff with TM first. When you use water and then scrunch, do you let the fabric dry or paint it while the it’s wet? I’ve done accordion folds with water but always paint while the fabric is wet and set it in the sun to dry.

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