Spring Surprises

We’ve lived in our house for over thirty years and though there have plenty of alligator lizard sightings this is the first year we have spotted them copulating – three pairs in two day! It looks like quite a violent act and can last for hours. Luckily kitty didn’t notice the pair next to the BBQ on “her” deck! I have a good photo of that pair but seeing as the females head is in the male’s mouth I have decided to spare you and instead post another MeAnndering (on paper) piece, Kona supporting me in my art, and a piece that is under the quilting needle right now. Don’t let the patchwork fool you, I plan on painting it (more about that in a later post). How is the weather where you are?

One thought on “Spring Surprises

  1. Joanna

    Dang, I was hoping for some alligator lizard porn. Are you sure it was sex and not lunch, what with the one’s head in the other’s mouth? Your Meanndering is quite springlike, a much needed tough right now.

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