Stitching Flowers

Homemade cards have been something my family has made for years. We buy cards too but handmade cards have a special place in our hearts. I celebrated another birthday at the end of October (hopefully that explains the subject matter of the first card here) which was designed & made by my digital artist daughter. It is one in a series of cat cards she has been making for many, many years now. Later I’ll share her Thanksgiving card (it’s much cuter!). I should have scanned the card instead of using my phone…


When birthdays happen it usually means I get to make “thank you” notes, so here are a couple I quickly stitched up.

I call this MeAnndering (get it?)
I love stitching on silk but card stock, not so much!

2 thoughts on “Stitching Flowers

  1. Joanna

    MeAnndering – very cute. I understand the urge to make cards, but if I made a lot of them I’d have a big debate with myself as to who would be worthy of all that effort and really appreciate it. So, I make about 4 cards a year. I’ve found I can make a small quilt in about the same amount of time it takes me to make a card. Same deal with tree ornaments.

  2. Ann Scott Post author

    Thanks. I pretty sure you are a much faster quilt maker than I! I agree and do make sure the recipient is someone who will appreciate the time involved. Sometimes I just need a small brainless project and cards seem to fit the bill.

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