Thankful for the tools

I’m mailing off used rotary cutter blades for replacement today and I’m sewing the binding on to “Shore Rocks.” Because the binding is hand painted it is a bit stiffer than commercial fabric so I pulled out the quilt binding clips I bought ages ago. I haven’t used them much but for this piece they will be a great help – my hands aren’t as nimble as they used to be, I’m sure some of you can relate. I’m reminded of how glad I am to have the fantastic tools we have now. They make creating art so much more fun and certainly easier. It is awesome when the tools and gadgets are designed by the people who actually use them and they seem to continue to improve them. Sometimes I can’t imagine how people come up with the ideas for some of the products or how our grandmas did without them! Then I think – The “mothers of invention” were our grandmothers (and grandfathers too)! What is the best or most curious quilt gadget you have bought or seen?

Shore Rocks
Shore Rocks

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