The leaf feather

I discovered this leaf on my front walkway about a week ago. We had a heavy rain and the leaf was beaten so that it was not only broken but a part of it was sticking straight up. I thought it very much resembled a feather. So I took a photo and then I painted the leaf on to fabric. I like how the background fabric, which was a scrap piece from under a shibori/pole wrapped project, shows through the painted leaf. I’m not sure if I will quilt it but all of those veins are kind of calling for it! I wasn’t looking at the photo when I painted it so I took some liberties.

leaf feather
leaf feather

I find the older I get the more I just love the autumn season – Our autumn is about 82 degrees outside right now but still it is gorgeous!

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  1. Shyamala Rao says:

    I always love this out of box ideas. I have done a leaf quilt with painting the leaf and taking the impression on the fabric. But this one is really cute idea.Love the background fabric too.

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