The fiber before the photograph

Here is a tease for a new piece in the Photograph and Fiber series. It is a painted whole cloth. Now the quilting begins. When it is finished and I know where it is headed I’ll post it again.

The Path
The Path

2 thoughts on “The fiber before the photograph

  1. Kelly L Hendrickson

    Well…you have certainly engaged my curiosity! How long must I wait in breathless anticipation????? This is so beautiful all by itself I can only imagine how wonderful the completed project will be.

  2. Ann Scott Post author

    Hi Kelly,

    Thank you. I’m quilting it now. A lot of thread changes on this one and I haven’t decided how I’ll quilt the center which will, in part, be covered by the photograph. I am pushing a deadline for this one so it will be soon – as long as real life doesn’t throw me any curves!

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