When Photo meets Fiber

I love to see how some artists combine photography and fiber. Today I’m posting the fabulous work of two artists who approach and combine those two mediums very differently.

Gunnel Svensson takes wonderful photographs and has them printed on fabric. She then stitches them and adds fabric and fiber embellishments. I’m fascinated by her tiny mark making hand stitches.

gunnel svensson photo
Gunnel Svensson’s image used with permission.

Photographer and artist Melissa Zexter actually stitches directly on her photographs. This method not only adds a textural element to her works, but causes the viewer to stop and examine the layers more closely.

melissa zexter image used with permission
Melissa Zexter’s image used with permission.

I’ll end with a couple of my own pieces from my Photograph on Fiber series. I thank both Gunnel Svensson and Melissa Zexter for so graciously allowing me to share just a bit of their wonderful artwork. I hope you will visit each of their websites; there is much more inspiration to be found there!

Fescue Traveler
Fescue Traveler by Ann
Bodywork by Ann

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Working with fabric and fiber for over forty years. Design, instruction, and sales.
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6 Responses to When Photo meets Fiber

  1. Thanks for sharing such a delightful and innovative technique. I like your work.

  2. Hi Anne,

    I love these creations with photography and fiber. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Sandy W. says:

    These four pieces are wonderfully unique and interesting. I gravitate more towards the stitches on fabric, but that’s just my personal taste. Both Gunnel’s piece and your Fescue Traveler really appeal to me. Thanks for sharing your endeavors.

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