A Little Furry Fun

I’ll start by letting you know that I’ll be announcing another giveaway next week. May got away from me!

Long ago I asked my daughter created cards that I would sell at our local quilt show. She helped me work the show for years when I was the registrar, and when I held other positions for that show.

We had a Blue Point Siamese kitty around that time and her name was Measha (loud “e”), she was with us for almost 18 years.

She was leash trained and very smart… as you can see. Why walk when you can ride.

She inspired some of my daughter’s cards and my some of my quilts.

I made two of these quilts for my kid’s bed, Measha helped during the binding.

This was a small art quilt top, hand painted with commercial fabric sash and border. I wish I had a better photo but it was ages ago and it sold. I never found out if/how it was finished. I call it Mouse on Swiss with a Siamese Chaser.

Art quilt top

We like dogs too…

Very small art quilt by Ann

I hope you’ll stop by next week to see what artistic finds I’ll be giving away!

6 thoughts on “A Little Furry Fun

  1. Naomi

    Very sweet entry. Always fun when you and your daughter can combine talents. Loved the picture of the cat going along for the ride with the little one.

  2. Ann Scott Post author

    Thanks Joanna. Well, our currant cat, Kona, is actually much louder than Measha was (and worse now since she is mostly deaf ). I spend a great deal of time with her because of her age and health. She did inspired some fur like painted fabric but that’s about all.

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