Hand Painted Fabric Giveaway

As I continue to clear out drawers and cupboards I’d like to thank everyone for stopping by, for commenting to enter the giveaways, and for helping me re-home some of my artistic pieces.

I used to have a large paint/wet area in my studio, but my Mister decided to park the car in there and I decided to move my studio into the house… My move may have had something to do with the purple paint splatters on our white car, but I’ll never tell!

The fabric pieces in this May-June sweepstakes/giveaway were painted on my large homemade stretcher frame (about 43″ x 19″). Here is a link for the smaller frame that I use more now a days. Below is a old video of the larger frame in action.

These fabrics are not up to my picky standards but they still have great potential. They could be used as is, over painted, stamped, stenciled, stitched, cut up, or ? Let me know in the comments your ideas, and to enter this giveaway comment with which fabric you’d like a chance to win. See all rules below and please remember leave a reply/comment here for all to see.

Note that the actual fabric color/value/intensity may appear different than the photos shown here. The photos are of each piece folded in half, so they’re twice as wide. The usable piece is approximately 42″ x 18″. The sky/sea pieces are painted on 100% Pima type cotton and Fallen is on a fabric closer to regular quilters cotton.

Calm Mauve Sky
Gray Mist
Pastel Sunset (note that the lower edge is yellow-orange not green).
Sea & Sky

Sweepstakes/giveaway begins May 26, 2021, and ends at 4pm (Pacific Time) June 14, 2021.

To enter: You must live in the US only (no international entries). One entry per person. NOTE: If your name is drawn for one piece of fabric, it will be removed for any other piece of fabric.

Leave a comment that you would like to win a particular piece of fabric or any one of them, include your first and last name (or last initial). If you’re not subscribed to my blog, you may want to as that may be the only way you’ll find out if you’ve won.

On June 15, 2021 I’ll use a random drawer and announce the winners on my next blog post. Winners will email me their mailing information and I will mail the fabrics ASAP. If I don’t hear from the winner within five days of drawing date, I will run another random draw. Good luck!

24 thoughts on “Hand Painted Fabric Giveaway

  1. Chris W

    All of the fabrics are wonderful! I would be happy to win any of them.I’ve been wanting to make a sailboat quilt using machine embroidery or Applique.

  2. Sylvia Wallace

    Ann, your creativity is boundless! I would love to have any of the fabrics offered in your current drawing. If I had to pick my favorite, it would be the mauve sky. Best of luck in your relocation!

  3. Ann Scott Post author

    Thank you, Sylvia, for the kind words. Just to clarify, I’m settled in my home studio and not moving it again, but I have been feeling the weight of items just stuffed away, not being used or enjoyed. I know though, I should never say never about relocating! You’re entered.

  4. Naomi

    Hi Ann,
    I tried to pick my favorite and couldn’t- such lovely, ethereal tones. Loved the story about the transition from the garage; my husband parks his “baby” in ours, and I would never even get to try any dyeing out there. Thanks for always sharing the wealth of ideas, and having the drawings. Here’s hoping!

  5. Karen Gomez

    Oh. I love the mauve sky one!!!!
    Thank you for your inspiration. I need to get paints out this summer. I need to finish one project first.

  6. Ann Scott Post author

    Naomi, Thank you, you’re entered. I have a feeling if I had been using dye there would still be purple splashes on the car, lol!

  7. Christine Brock

    So hard to choose! Maybe the pastel sunset? I have a few of your sky pieces, I shouldn’t be so greedy. I’d like to combine them, a la Gloria Loughman, with a Baobob tree silhouette. Love your stuff!

  8. Ann Scott Post author

    Thank you, Linda. I like you framing idea, sometimes just cutting into them can be a difficult decision to make. You’re entered.

  9. Lendia Kinnamanl

    I would love any of these wonderful painted fabrics. I do art Quilts and I am always looking for background fabrics to use in my art work. thank you

  10. Karen Bennick

    Thank you for all you share with us. I love your painted fabric and would include some on each of four quilts I am making for my grow up nephews.

  11. Bonnie Johnson

    I love all your hand painted sky’s but the one that speaks to me most is Gray Mist

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