Flower Power

We walked on Coronado Island this morning. There were beautiful and colorful gardens and flowers everywhere. I love flowers even though Kona (aka the cat) will inevitably chew on any that arrive in our home, they still brighten my day.

From my sister

When I lecture I often talk about how there really is something for everyone in quilting and fiber art and I use these three fused flower pieces to demonstrate that in a small way…

basic flower solid fabrics
Solid fabrics
flower solid fabric pastel
Solid fabrics with wax pastel detailing
flower embroidered
Printed fabric hand embroidered detail

So whether you are a solid fabric kind of person or one who likes colorful prints and embellishments, I hope you enjoy every minute of your creative life and share it with someone else… I’ll bet you’ll brighten their day too.

2 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Ann Scott Post author

    Not fabric or coffee – Her sister was Kia (not like the car but with a loud “i”) and together they were Kona Kai. I guess we just liked the sound of it. I agree with you about the depth the thread work adds. Now I have to decide if I do more embroidery around the flower or just quilt it (by hand or machine?).

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