Made it to November

This is a full post, feel free to share it with anyone you think would enjoy the project videos and artwork.

October was crazy around here. My husband went in for his second procedure only to find out all was corrected during the first, so happy about that…cycling can commence!

Our daughter is finally back from Russia and we made it through quarantine.

Our old cat was diagnosed with kidney disease so I have learned how to give injections. I could stick a needle in things all day long but could never watch needles going into skin. It still makes me queasy but we do what we have to do, right?

And still we are more fortunate that so many.

During the past two months I have made a few videos and have been thankful to be able to work on more projects for Visions Art Museum member challenges. There is another new project coming later this month. I’m posting the video projects below.

And now I have started a November challenge – #Needlevember, everyday this month I’ll be posting a stitched piece (think Inktober-ish). Here are the first five days; I’ll be adding day 6 to my Instagram page later today. Would love for others to take part in this November challenge just use #Needlevember and post on Instagram and Facebook.

As always I appreciate you stopping by.

3 thoughts on “Made it to November

  1. Joanna Mack

    Hi Ann, I will comment more after I watch your videos, but I finally received the last few of your posts. I don’t know what the holdup was, but I seem to get your posts once a month.

  2. Ann Scott Post author

    Hi Joanna,
    I apologize and wish I knew what is up with that. I have researched and checked my settings. I appreciate you trying to follow my posts and I will continue to look into solving the problem.
    I’ll be posting tomorrow and we’ll see if you (and I) get the notification. This seems to have started when I re-built my website/blog. I don’t know if re-entering your subscription would help or not, just a thought. Thanks for watching my videos.

  3. Joanna

    I will try resubscribing and see if that fixes the issue. In the meantime, I’ve watched your videos and am amazed at your careful hand. Those bubbles were so small. Given my clumsiness with craft projects I steer clear of glue guns. I did one holiday craft and that was one too many. Thanks for the tip about putting cloth on stretcher bar tacks with a cork.

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