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Feathered Friends

There are House finches beginning to build a nest outside my studio, under our upstairs bedroom deck. We had a successful brood several years ago but the nest after it was raided by crows. Now we actually have a family of crow that visit us daily. Hoping for the best.

I am enjoying the bird songs closer to our windows and that has prompted me to post bird things, partly because my wing has been clipped, so to speak, so there’s not much stitching being done right now. Some of these may have been posted here in the past. This may be more for a laugh than inspirational but I figure we can always use a laugh.

An early art quilt, hand pieced, appliqued, and quilted. I had no idea what I was doing but it gave me the quilting bug, bad! The hummingbird is hand embroidered.
“Mirage” I have yet to get a good photo of this piece.

I plan to try and re-paint some of the sky in Mirage because there is shadow through around some seam allowances, which I didn’t notice for the longest time. It’s on the list.

Tentatively titled ‘The Watcher” I think I finally know how I want to quilt it…hopefully in my lifetime! The fence is painted fusible web and everything else is hand painted.
The goose photo was taken by my son, this is one of my favorite Photograph on Fiber series pieces, “Goose at Cuyamaca.”

I think drawing birds is a challenge but I really like them in most any medium. Do you use birds in your art?

Next post will be announcing another giveaway!

Back and Forth

I’m back but going forth! Though I haven’t posted for a while I have been in the studio working on online lessons for Curious.com and a few other things. The wheels are turning with new ideas and projects I want to make. Now I’m getting ready to leave for a little R&R with my Mister, which may be hard to get with projects looming in my brain. But I look forward to peace and quiet.

I know I will be doing a lot of walking while away because that is what we do – self guided tours of wherever we go. Last week Mister and I were taking a morning walk and just as a large dark shadow passed overhead I heard a little splat sound. Bird plus splat usually equals something messy on a hat or shirt. But not this time. I looked down and rocking on the ground was a tiny egg shell. I suspect that dark shadow flew off with breakfast, dropping the empty shell as it escaped. The “Circle of Life” always makes me a little sad! Anyway I leave you with this art piece, yet to be quilted… What do you think about this tentative title –  “The Watchers”?

The Watchers All my hand paint ed fabric plus painted fusible fence boards
My hand painted fabric and painted fusible for the fence boards.