Shore Rocks and a new technique

It’s been fun but I’m glad that Shore Rocks is finished. I’m very happy with it. It is a hand painted whole cloth and it is machine quilted. I tried something different with this one and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I wanted tiny bubbles for the sea foam. So after a few tries with just textile paint and water (and an egg whisk) I figured out what I thought may hold the bubbles… I used egg whites. I thought if the old masters could use egg yolks as a binding agent I should be able to use the whites as a foaming agent. I beat together egg white, a bit of water and the paint to a frothy foam and drizzled it onto the fabric (which was lying on a horizontally positioned canvas). Gradually the bubbles burst leaving tiny bubble imprints in the “foam”. After the piece was totally dry I hand washed it removing as much of the egg as possible. I will admit the first time I ironed it my studio smelled of fried eggs – NOT good! So I just washed and ironed the fabric until there was no longer the smell and/or feel of egg residue.

shore rocks whole cloth
Prior to quilting
Shore Rocks
Shore Rocks

A disclaimer – Ann is not responsible for any outcome you may have using this egg white technique. Having said that – Go wild, after all where would we be without experimentation and exploration!

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