My daughter and I have been starting our morning walks in the dark lately. This morning many of the Halloween decorations were still lit so I snapped a few pictures. They aren’t very good but you may get an idea of what some people in the neighboring hood do for this time of year. I can’t begin to describe the King Kong and all that is around him but he is huge and tonight there will be fog, lights and sound! Every year these people out-do everyone else in a BIG way and on Halloween night hundreds of people flock to that neighborhood to Trick-or-treat and celebrate. Down the street from Kong is a life size horse skeleton, my personal favorite. We live across a major Ave. from all that wildness and may get one or two trick-or-treaters and I’m OK with that. Happy Halloween!

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  1. Joanna says:

    It was a treat to see photos of all-out Halloween decor. I live in an area where a few carved pumpkins are about it. We don’t get trick or treaters as we live at the bottom (literally) of a dead end street and the terrain is hilly. Most of the kids are in college or on their own so I don’t get to see what the latest trends are in costumes.

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