Looking Up

I’m from a family of sky watchers. My parents lived just up the hill from where we live and my mom would often phone in the evenings, all she’d say was “sky alert!.” I would know that meant go upstairs and look out. My folks are gone but rarely do we miss a morning or evening of looking out and up. Here are a few of those skies…

That may be why I love painting sky fabric so much, that and wanting special skies for my landscapes quilts. I can’t make much art yet but I was able to paint a mini sky fabric and make the how-to video (see below).

The Power of Sun, Wind, and Water
Sunlit Canyon

Fabric Painting a Fluorescent Sky was so much fun and easy, requiring minimal supplies and materials.

Have you painted sky fabric to use in your art?

2 thoughts on “Looking Up

  1. Joanna

    It’s been a while since I painted sky. Some years ago a friend and I painted a bunch of skies using Mickey Lawlor’s DVD for guidance. They turned out great and I think they are now all used up. I guess I need to make another batch.

    And yes, I know about those bristles falling off cheap brushes.

  2. Ann Scott Post author

    I remember reading Mickey Lawler’s book and watching her DVD and thinking “That’s the same way I paint except I go lighter on the paint.” and most of the time I prefer to put the fabric up off the table in a frame. I have purchased her fabric and it does have a heavier hand but it is gorgeous.

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