Quilt, stamp, or both?

I have this little pillow made from my hand painted fabric that was originally going to have buttons but then I made the Terial Magic, painted and stitched butterflies and had some other thoughts.

butterfly flower pillow
5 butterflies washed

I made a flower stamp out of Sculpey Bake and Bend clay so I could just stamp on the right side of the pillow and add some green leaves.

butterfly pillow flower stamp1
butterfly pillow flower stamp test

Or maybe I’ll just use black thread and quilt a flower design OR maybe I’ll do both…

butterfly pillow flower quilting idea1

What would you do?

1 thought on “Quilt, stamp, or both?

  1. Ann Scott Post author

    The black flower line drawing is black marker on a piece of clear stencil plastic. It is a great way to help see a design idea before actually quilting it. It can be removed with rubbing alcohol and a new idea drawn again. I never seem to use that plastic for stencils!

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