Redwork Ornaments

My last day of #Needlevember was a free-motion quilted ornament. As I did with many of the November stitched pieces, I sketched or drew a little picture of what I was going to attempt to stitch, then instead of drawing on the fabric I just look at the drawing as I free-motion quilted. It does make the process a bit slower because there is a certain amount of creating on the fly and sometimes I have to just be okay with wonky!

These November stitching pieces ended up being a great way to use painted, gel printed, stamped, and stenciled fabric pieces I had been saving.

Here is the finished ornament on hand painted fabric…

and a video showing the free-motion quilting (I built up more thread off camera).

And here are a couple links to printable pages for you or anyone you know who like to color in ornaments. Have fun and stay safe.

6 thoughts on “Redwork Ornaments

  1. Joanna

    The result is lovely, and I admire your patience and skill to do all that fiddly stitching. Thanks for reminding me that freezer paper cutouts are good starting points.

  2. Marianne

    It’s such a treat to see how you quilt. Thank you for sharing your design process and talents.

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