Sky watcher

We have a second story bedroom with a deck. There are no plants or furniture on the deck. It is south facing and the sun beat on it all day long so no need for places to sit or sun toasted plants. But most mornings and evenings one or more of us will be out on that deck watching the sky. It is important to us that we stop and look to the sky. It is something we have always shared as a family and even though the sons are adults they still marvel at all that is going on over our heads; how the wind changes the clouds, to see something we have never seen before and will never see again. And for me it is inspiring! I will try to paint this on fabric some day.

sunrise oct 25 2015

This morning…

sky oct 25 2015 changing

and a little later.

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Working with fabric and fiber for over forty years. Design, instruction, and sales.
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  1. Joanna says:

    My kitchen window offers wonderful views of the woods behind our house and great sunrises. I can also glimpse the moon as it rises. Such views offer respite from mundane events and petty annoyances.

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