The All White Landscape

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m making a series of lessons showing how I make different elements for a mini fabric landscapes. What I neglected to mention is that I would be starting with white fabric (Thank you, Snarky Quilter!). Here is the piece in progress, which means these pieces are not attached and there may be changes. I find looking at a photo of the piece, using a mirror or walking away for a while, can be helpful in figuring out what may need to be tweaked. I have some ideas for change already. There will be thread play and quilting over the entire piece, so if it appears to be lacking that may just be where I plan to stitch more colors and nature bits.

I used different techniques for each of these elements – Rocks (as mentioned in previous post), the most forward foreground, second foreground, water & sky, tiny hills/mountains, and tree trunks. I hope you will stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!  

2 thoughts on “The All White Landscape

  1. Joanna

    Your rocks make a lot more sense now. Your sky is gorgeous, but I wonder what you’ll put in the lake? A boat, a water ripple from birds landing, a Nessie? I’ve found to my dismay there’s an art to building a landscape. The order does indeed matter.

  2. Ann Scott Post author

    Thank you, Joanna. As I recall your landscapes are more technical than this one. I’m thinking reflections are all I’ll put in the lake, but thanks for the suggestions!

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